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Tough Choices on Defense Spending

usabud   June 18, 2015   Comments Off on Tough Choices on Defense Spending

Defense Secretary Robert Gates proposed on Monday to close a military command, restrict the use of outside contractors and reduce the number of generals and admirals across the armed forces as part of a broad effort to rein in Pentagon spending. Gates’ moves to reduce the growth of defense spending echos sentiments overwhelmingly voiced by participants in the June 26th National Town Meeting on our nation’s fiscal challenges.
Eight-five percent of the  demographically and politically diverse group of citizens that came together on June 26 supported at least a 5% reduction on defense spending. More than half of the participants supported a 15% cut and an additional 18% supported a 10% cut.

Sixty percent of conservatives supported a 5% cut in defense spending and 83% of those who are somewhat conservative supported at least a 5% cut. A 15% cut in defense spending was supported by 78% of liberals and 54% of those who identify as somewhat liberal. These regular folks were able to make compromises to find some common ground on defense spending. Will congress be able to do the same?

Pressure from the left and the right is mounting.  Many on the left are arguing for even deeper budget reductions, while many on the right fear that any defense savings will be redirected to new entitlement programs.  Strong opposition from Congress is likely as members fight to protect spending in their respective districts.

The potential savings Gates is proposing includes eliminating the U.S. Joint Forces Command based in Norfolk, Virginia. That state’s two Democratic U.S. senators and the Republican governor have already raised concerns about the plan, because they are concerned about the job loss this would cause in Virginia.

Read more about this in editorials from the New York Times & Washington Post.

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CPA exam predictions

usabud   November 29, 2015   Comments Off on CPA exam predictions

It would have to be said that CPA exam predictions can actually be made using certain criteria. What can happen is, you can assess this criteria and figure out what is likely to happen on the exam. So the first thing to tell you is what the criteria is. Well the criteria is the quality of the studying that you do. So from this, we can make a somewhat accurate prediction of how your CPA exam will turn out. If you do your learning in a proper way that has proved successful for lots of other students before you, then things will turn out just fine. This is to say that you pick up the best CPA prep and you copy every grain of information from it into your head and let it stay there until after the exam is done. The smartest students are doing just this. I mean, after you have your study materials you can study them however you like, but having such materials is the fundamental requirement behind success in this exam. So if you acquire something like that, then a positive CPA exam predication can be made so long as you go to work very hard.

Holistic Healing

usabud   October 25, 2015   Comments Off on Holistic Healing

Ibogaine is an incredibly useful tool in breaking through old habits and patterns that keep us separate from our true selves. By resolving past traumatic events, a person is able to live in the present moment free from chemical dependency. It has proven extremely useful in treating a wide variety of issues which underlie the addiction process including Depression, Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Fear, and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Ibogaine therapy is not a quick fix. Many product reviews sites and western medicine practitioners are slow to adopt and promote more traditional, holistic methods of medicine. It is a pathway to a deeper sense of self; an opportunity to establish a new way of being. We have all been on the front lines of addiction, either as addicts or as those caught in the crossfire. We have all gone through this ibogaine treatment ourselves and understand what takes place and what is needed to come through to the other side. You are essentially given a fresh start and the more time your new sense of self has to stabilize, the greater the potential for a full, long-lasting recovery.

Getting Your GMAT Exam Passed

usabud   August 8, 2015   Comments Off on Getting Your GMAT Exam Passed

Doing as the title above states is an issue that is simple to solve. All you really need to do is get your mindset correct, and ensure that you have the best GMAT prep available. Thing is though, it can indeed be hard to gauge what the right mindset is, or what the best prep available is, so that is why articles like this one will probably come in handy to such a big number of people. You and others like you will want to know what exactly can be done to make for a solid study time, and that is something that I can personally show you.

Well let us start off with some habits you could build that would make for great study. The ultimate habit is to get up early and do your studying early in the day. That is a trick that never fails for anyone because you learn the information at a time of day in which your brain is the most receptive to brand new information. The other main tip I wanted to give was to keep your attitude good towards studying by always thinking about why you are doing all this in the first place.

Getting your CFA study priorities in order

usabud   July 21, 2015   Comments Off on Getting your CFA study priorities in order

Are you doing as the title above states? It is something that needs to be happening now that you are sure that you will take the CFA exam. The sooner you can make a start, the better, so if you have not yet started, I suggest you make a big push to start TODAY of all days. Start now. Your exam result will thank you for it!

And what exactly should your CFA study priorities be?

Well the first priority needs to be buying the CFA review from Wiley. There are lots of other reviews on the internet as well that you could get, but the thing is, they are no match for Wiley, who are an awesome company who have a fantastic habit of delivering stellar products. They have done this for years by now, and this means that every time they release a new product, in any exam niche, I am always certain that it will be a truly quality piece of work. They seem to be perfectionists, and this is what you want – a course so good that only perfectionists could have planned it and developed it. So go right ahead and get your copy as soon as you have the time to do it.

Getting over your CISSP hurdle

usabud   July 17, 2015   Comments Off on Getting over your CISSP hurdle

It is quite clear and obvious that the CISSP exam is a hurdle that stands between you and what you want for your career. I mean sure, there are other hurdles between you and what you want for your career in addition to this one, but at current, this is the point you are at: you have got to the stage of facing the CISSP exam and you are now trying to plot your best approach to making sure you get this exam sorted on the first attempt. Because failing the exam and having to linger around this exam, and having to halt your plans for progressing your career – it is not ideal and you should look to avoid it. Which I can assist you in doing!

How can I help and be of service? By making a simple recommendation, and here it comes: you need a CISSP review online. Don’t bother with offline stuff, it runs out of date too quickly for it to be worth your time. The online reviews are updated whenever the criteria of the exam changes. They are fantastic pieces of work and getting hold of one will give you the ability to do far better on the exam. It will boost your chances!


Are you confident about your CPA Exam?

usabud   July 14, 2015   Comments Off on Are you confident about your CPA Exam?

It is completely necessary for you to feel a sense of high confidence about your chances of passing the CPA exam. Actually, it is not the actual sense of confidence that is necessary, but more the knowledge of the CPA material that ultimately leads to the confidence. So the knowledge is the crucial part, and that is what you need to acquire. The confidence will come all on its own if you will just find a way to acquire the knowledge. So clearly that is your priority number one, and how can you do it?

Well it is pretty easy actually. You just need to examine some CPA learning courses. I have made that seem a little bit simpler than it really is, by just saying go through some learning courses, but honestly it is what needs to be done. You will have challenges that face you that prevent it from being easy, but those can be overcome. They are just simple issues like finding the motivation to get it all done, and turning down the chance to do things that are more exciting, but if you really want this CPA qualification, then you will be able to make it all happen.

A GRE Exam Shambles

usabud   July 10, 2015   Comments Off on A GRE Exam Shambles

Having a shambles occur in the GRE exam can be totally catastrophic to a person’s confidence in moving forwards in their career, and it can cause big issues which delve further and deeper into their lives too. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it should surely be worth trying to avoid to guarantee that it does not happen to you either. So what we want to focus on in this particular article is some ways that you can do all which you realistically can, to prevent yourself from experiencing GRE exam failure.

The first way that I should mention that this can be achievable, is to buy GRE test prep guides, yes, as many as you need, to learn all the right stuff. Lots of students only need to buy 1 guide, which works well in most cases, but if you wish to buy a multitude of guides then nobody should stand in your way because they should know that you are doing it to give yourself a better chance of learning more. The second thing worth a mention is that you will need to stay super determined and focus on this exam in your mind more than you focus on anything else in your life, just for a short while.

LSAT Learning Complaints

usabud   July 2, 2015   Comments Off on LSAT Learning Complaints

A lot of candidates of the LSAT exam complain that they are not learning enough from the efforts they are making to study. What a lot of these people do is decide to get a free or at least cheap LSAT study guide or review, and as we all know, you get what you pay for. You cannot learn to a quality standard, if you drop your standards with your LSAT source of study information. I would always recommend that you check out Powerscore’s review. It is the top product in its’ category and is a wise addition to any students collection of materials, to be placed at the top as their prime “go to” source of study info. We all need one of those to stop ourselves from feeling overwhelmed from not knowing which source of info to look through first, but if you get a source of info that costs a fair amount of money to buy, then you will of course be able to see clearly that this will likely be the best source of materials. And as I said I can vouch for Powerscore so do not be afraid to make a buying decision and take a chance on them.

The Ultimate PMP Studying Advice

usabud   June 25, 2015   Comments Off on The Ultimate PMP Studying Advice

If passing the PMP exam is a priority that you have decided to push to the front of your queue of things to do in life at the moment, then clearly you will have done this for reasons of improving and getting more from your career. That is what needs to happen. You need to get more from your career – to earn more cash in the time that you get available to you. This is career hacking that I would advise anyone to do if they can get themselves to do it. But before I talk any more about that, exam hacking is really what we should focus on first and foremost. And for the PMP exam, there is web-based PMP training that will show you all the tricks in the book that can help you to achieve a better exam grade. It honestly is not that complicated (getting yourself fully ready to take this exam) and training like that will take you through a step by step process for ensuring that you manage to make things happen in the exam. And if you do not make things happen in the exam, then it will not have been the fault of the product you buy to teach you.

A CMA Learning Discussion

usabud   June 22, 2015   Comments Off on A CMA Learning Discussion

The CMA exam is one where I feel that it is necessary to have firm discussions with students on how they plan to approach studying for it. These discussions are really important due to the fact that they are what can often lead to big progressions in the amount of information learnt by the student, since advice is given during them that leads to better knowledge acquisition.

The main point I always try to convey strongly in such meetings is that there are CMA courses available which can show a student what they need to do, and when they need to be getting it done too. These kinds of products always give every single little detail that a student might need, and they express the information usually in ways that make it difficult to start falling into a mood of boredom. And that is the most important thing because if you slip into boredom mode, then taking in information to your brain will get beyond difficult. It would become impossible. You must surely have experienced this at certain points in the past. It happens to the best of us and we must do all that we can to prevent it.